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We mix up the perfect combination of soil stabilizers, soil amendments, water, grass seed, fertilizer, and hydroseeding mulch so that germination starts the second your unique mix hits the ground. Our custom hydroseed blend will help you grow a natural and beautiful lawn in a time frame that is up to 3x faster than traditional seeding procedures.


Once our professionals have performed our hydroseeding service, you can typically expect noticeable grass growth within a week. Another week or two after that, the lawn will be ready for its first mowing and will then be fully rooted and thriving. After the initial two weeks, treat your lawn as you would any traditionally planted lawn, with regular mowing, watering, and aerating.


Hydroseeding can be performed just about any time of year, depending on when the soil is accessible to apply the seeds. Aside from the winter, hydroseeding in Michigan can be performed just about any time. Leading up to your seeding session, it is important to remove any noticeable obstructions like rocks, sticks, and debris that may be an obstruction to the process. Since the hydroseeding process is so effective nearly year-round, it is a simple and reliable solution to achieving a lush lawn, complementing your landscaping needs.

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