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Sod Installation

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Achieve a beautiful, weed-free lawn quickly with sod installation, providing instant gratification and long-lasting results.

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Instant Lawn, Lasting Beauty

Sod is technically a grass seed, but it’s already been germinated and planted into a thin layer of base soil. Sod installation is your best choice to get a great lawn fast and easy, and ready to enjoy in about two weeks. Since lawn sod is already established grass, you’ll have a beautiful lawn with very few weeds, pests, or diseases to deal with. After your sod is installed, the grassroots will bond to your existing soil, making your new lawn beautiful, healthy and permanent.


A lawn installation that utilizes lawn sod has multiple benefits, including:

Sod is already at its full maturity when it’s installed. This allows it to act as a stabilizer, which has the ability to control erosion if it’s planted on any areas with slopes. It immediately begins absorbing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and releases oxygen. It filters and muffles noises that are present in a noisy neighborhood environments or business parks.

By creating a strong foundation with sod grass, you’ll start with a lawn that has the potential to flourish and stay healthy for years to come.


MichLawns of West Michigan is proud to offer full-scale lawn installation services, including professional sod installation. We have the quality care, experience, and understanding that your new lawn needs to grow and thrive successfully–Including proper sod lining and use of different species of grass. If you want to spend less time seeding and more time enjoying your new lawn, get a free estimate from the experts at MichLawns today!

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